My Nokia Lumia 920 Trial – Getting to know each other

I currently have a white Nokia Lumia 920, which I have been given by Nokia to trial for two weeks (possibly a little bit longer as it’s Chrismtas!).

What are the stats?

  • Operating system: Windows Phone 8
  • Screen: 4.5’’ PureMotion HD+
  • Camera: 8.7 megapixels
  • Processor: Snapdragon™ S4 Dual-core 1.5GHz

So, firstly when I opened the box and went to put in my sim, the first issue I had is that I didn’t have a micro-sim! That’s one thing Nokia forgot to remind me of before they sent it. So after a quick visit to the Three Store, I popped in my simcard and got started.

Getting started brought with it the usual ‘connect your phone to this’ and ‘sign in with your Windows Live account’. I added Twitter, Facebook, Gmail and then forgot my username and password for my Live account. Fortunately you can set up an account nice and easily within the phone.

My first impressions were that it’s fast. Really fast! It doesn’t take long to whizz through the menus and there’s no lag on the keyboard or anything else. Then again I am comparing this to my HTC Wildfire S! The dual-core processor is most certainly working away and means that I’ve not been frustrated once with it being slow.

I don’t know about you but one of the first things I do with a new phone is have a look through the settings. There are lots of settings to play with! A lot more than I expected. There are two settings menus; system and applications. I feel that the system menu could’ve been split up further as there are so many options here.

On to the real meaty stuff; I love the Start screen. Live tiles are such a fantastic way of displaying new information. Android’s widgets feel too clunky, but Windows’ tiles have just the right amount of information and are animated in a fun way. I’ve found myself adding more tiles over the past 24 hours, and the way that you can size them means you can make the most important ones as large as you wish.

Earlier this week it was Amy’s Niece’s birthday and it was a good opportunity to test out the camera on the 920. In low level light, the camera did a great job at capturing the candles being blown out. And generally the  photos are fantastic. Taking a picture is made very simple by just tapping wherever you want to focus and it will take the photo moments after. I tend not to use the dedicated photo button on the right-hand side as it takes a while and doesn’t always autofocus. However tapping the screen did cause an issue when I was videoing, as it kept starting and stopping the video when I expected it to actually change the focus point (I picked this up from videoing on my iPod Touch running iOS 6).

Windows Phone 8 boasts Internet Explorer 10, which works very well on the Nokia. Again, it’s fast and renders most pages very well. The only downside is that sometimes it doesn’t always direct you to the mobile version of a site, e.g. YouTube. For me, the most annoying thing about IE10 in WP8 is the way you exit the application. To do so, you have to keep pressing the back softkey until you exit the app. This takes you through the history of pages during that session. It is very annoying when I’ve been looking for a particular bit of information and have gone through several menus on a site, just to go back through it all. If I hold down the back button it shows me all the currently open applications, but this screen doesn’t allow you to click an ‘x’ to close the app. For me, this has to be the most annoying thing about WP8, the way that you can’t close apps without having to use the back key.

Another gripe is the lack of apps in the Windows Phone Store. Having come from using Android and the Apple App Store on my iPod, the lack of apps is a bit frustrating. There’s no Instagram for a start! Oh how I miss taking pictures of my Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar and posting them to the service.

Another confusing thing is that apps like Facebook and Foursquare might have two versions; an official version and then a ‘Nokia Corporation’ version. More often than not I went with the official app as it should have the latest features, however I found that the Twitter and Facebook apps lacked some of the features I’d got used to on Android and iOS; like choosing picture upload services in Twitter and what kind of notifications I can have from Facebook.

The biggest annoyance, which I discovered today, is that I can’t log out of the Skype app! I installed it and signed in, but then discovered as I was talking to my boss on desktop Skype, the Lumia would also get notifications. So I went through the settings and discovered I could set Skype to ‘invisible’. What I didn’t know is that it also set the status of my desktop conversations! I then promptly looked for the sign out option within the Lumia app. There wasn’t one! I searched high and low, which meant the only option was to remove it. I think that this is a major oversight of Windows on their Windows Phone application.

So I’ve managed to cover the major things that annoy me already. However there are so many things that I enjoy about the phone.

Have you got a Windows 8 Phone? Do you find any of these things annoying?

That’s it for now. I plan to do another post in a few days time, after I’ve had more time getting to know the Nokia Lumia 920, probably with some example photos and videos.

The photos below really don’t show how good the HD screen is, nor how nice the whole phone looks.


The Nokia Lumia 920 is provided by the Nokia Conversations ‘Trial A Nokia’ scheme. This isn’t a paid advertisement or anything either!

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