Nokia Lumia 920 – Blueteeth and Screenshots

So another day with the Nokia Lumia 920 and I’ve discovered something I thought would be easy, isn’t.
I wanted to share a photo and a video with my girlfriend who has a Nokia Lumia 800. We thought Bluetooth would be the easiest way to transfer them. However when we both turned on Bluetooth and chose the ‘Share via Bluetooth’ neither of us could share to our devices. Amy’s came up with a message saying my device ‘wasn’t compatible’ and her Mum’s phone (Samsung Galaxy S3) wouldn’t transfer the media either.
I believe that this is a terrible flaw! I don’t know if it’s just a Windows Phone thing or generally mobile phones don’t like sending photos and videos via Bluetooth.
Have you tried sending media via Bluetooth media?
I’ve also been downloading lots of apps. My app list now has letter sections and when you tap a letter it gives you all the available letters. It was a bit of a surprise but I think I like it.
Oh and I’ve discovered that I can do screenshots! Here’s some shots from menus and my Start Screen.

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