Kinder Surprise Disappointment

Last weekend (17th March), Amy bought me a Kinder Surprise Egg.

I remember buying them from the independently ran shop (which is now a ‘Premier’) near my house in my hometown, for about 40p.

I got rather excited with my Kinder Surprise as I hadn’t had one in ages! I knew that they had changed the capsule which holds the toy (they’ve made it easier to get in).

The toys weren’t what they used to be either; they’re now very simple, two or three piece figures which don’t tend to do very much. I remember getting a car that had some strange gear/spinning wheel thing inside it which was awesome!

My toy in my March 2012 Kinder Surprise was an elephant which was three pieces. It wasn’t challenging or that exciting.

My disappointment came when I looked at the piece of paper inside that described which series of toys it was from. It showed the other animals from the series and then showed a small lion icon. Above it was a diagram that showed if you visited their website and showed the icon to your webcam, it would reveal more content.

However when I visited the website it was just health and product information about Kinder products. I checked I put the address in correctly and then went searching on their site for this extra content. There was none to be found!

I went to their contact page and wrote this following message:

Dear Sir/Madam,

I recently bought a Kinder Surprise.

I was delighted with the toy, however when I went to and chose the United Kingdom as my country, I was appalled to see that there was nowhere for me to scan my Natoons lion symbol. On the diagram below the symbol, it showed that I could hold it up to my webcam, and that magic would happen.

I am unsure what magic, but I was unable to find out where to scan my symbol.

Please could you re-enable this feature on your website, so that I may get the full enjoyment out of my Kinder Surprise experience.

If not, may I have another Kinder Egg to complete my experience.

Thank you very much.


That was a genuine email and I hope that they do reply to me.

I wonder how many other children have been disappointed with their Kinder Surprise experience. It’s certainly worse that mine from when I was a child.

If there any developments, I’ll let you know!

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  1. You tell ’em. I just spent 30 mins Googling what this was all about and when I came across this I knew someone else out there shared my outrage. What do these bizarre symbols do?!

      1. i did the same and could not find it so i emailed and complained they sent me 3 kinder eggs and said they would look in t it. However today i looked again and stillthe same thing why can they not just sort it out??? it would be a good idea if they did as it could give games or info on animals and encourage kids to buy them also if learning then adults may want to buy them

        1. same here I did the same thing and did not listen. If they fix the problem maybe so many people will stop complain about this. also they would be more convinced about buying kinder.

        1. Wow it’s 2014 and there’s still issues, just wow! We paid 79p, the toy was lame and the site is broken if you live in the UK (the chocolate nis still v good). They should stop adding that bit of papper with the 2magic link because it just adds to disappointment.

          Nice blog Olver 🙂

          1. Yep, my daughter asked me to scan it but it it was just a horrid page with no information – so I googled and found this. Outrageous. Stop printing if it doesn’t work!!!!

          2. Got the suprise eggs for my kids for easter.
            Same issue april 24th 2014 in the netherlands
            googled here, wondering now how old the eggs were :-$
            Rianne & twins

    1. The symbols I believe should be linked to an augmented reality animation that appears on the piece of paper where the symbol is situated.

      But sadly no link on the website to access this amazing technology. Very Disappointing Indeed!

    2. It was a long time ago that I had a Kinder Egg. It was a rhinoceros.
      From William.

      PS my son is only just 6 and wanted to leave general feedback the fact nothing worked and mail/website/email were mixed up has meant this has taken the best part of an hour and was VERY FRUSTRATING. Thankfully he’s not a quitter!

      1. I got a three peace polar bear but I also got a cool looking motor cycle with a person that rides on it which was only about four peaces.

      2. In the USA it is illegal for stores to sell Kinder Eggs because some how some little kids got some Kinder eggs which he has neve eaten before and swallows the whole thing with the capsule and the toy in the capsule. Chew before you swallow kids. Such a shame that the best country in the world does not know how to eat a simple Kinder Egg so they made it illegal

      3. we should sue kinder for making problems like the time I had a Box of four eggs and discovered there were only three what is wrong with kinder making mistakes like this.

    3. Change language and pick Germany instead, just follow the instructions, it’s really easy. However, I don’t see the magic in holding up the small Icon to the webcam, nothing happens… There’s not a button to press to take a picture of the Icon or something.

    4. Omg! i got 2 tops that were disappointing. i tried to find the “magic” website and found there was nothing. some magic!

      1. just in case you weren’t aware, the world wide web is just that – World Wide! It doesn’t matter if they fix it in America or England or any other English speaking country!

    1. I agree that we all wanted to see the magic and enjoyed are toy and are great chocolate. I think that we all wanted to see the magic but could’nt I would like u to go on the account and edit please

  2. I legitimately just had the same experience (sadness, following a google search to see if i’m missing something).

    I’m guessing they must have shut down the bit of their website. I found a link to some kinder 2magic webgames, but nothing to do with scanning codes.

    1. same here I just brought a massive packet of kinder eggs and try go on the website and it didn’t it said not aloud in this country.(I was super excited, its rubbish)

  3. i thought something was gonna happen but it didn’t!
    The picture under the lion was really unhelpful too.
    I wonder how many people have had the same problem.

    dissapointed 🙁

    1. That’s not the point though! Surely it should be available on the country’s website where the product is available. It’s just bad practice!

    2. hi i tried selecting france and i did not work it came up saying this :

      The requested URL was not found on this server. The link on the referring page seems to be wrong or outdated. Please inform the author of that page about the error.

  4. Yh, Same problem here. If you go on french it works just click the green button and scan your code with your webcam and then it will just show pictures after that but I’ve noticed that it say ‘Magic Kinder 2011’ so maybe they are making 2012 version!

  5. Same here my mum got me the pack of 3 kinder surprise just a site about kinder company what a con will not be asking my mum or dad to buy me any more and the toys are really bad now at 50p each waste of money i should just go pound shop get more for my money. thankyou

  6. i don’t see the point of the scan it doesn’t do anything. i thought something might happen. put there isn’t anywere to scan it. it is bad.
    it is also a waste of ink.

  7. I just got all excited about helping my son with his, a car in 3 bits, Disappointed 🙁 Anyway i too went to their site thinking oh well maybe this will make up for it, like yourself all i found was nutritional values for their different products, only took me 5 mins of searching to find this, I think i am more disappointed than my son lol. Oh well nothing doing. 85p for a toy that was practically built and a thing to scan which no longer seems to exist on the site anymore. Think he will be choosing his sweets better next time

  8. if it takes you to the danish site just press the rectangular green button and it summons upon your webcam, scan the symbol and there we go, ive got mixart. excited.

  9. Yeah it’s great if you know spanish, which unfortunatly I don’t. It all works though in another language. Kinder must have trouble with english, have you seen the adverts I can tell they’re miming

  10. Hi
    We have just brought our 8 year old children the large Kinder egg which contains 7 kinder eggs.

    Having tried many ways of activating the Augmented Reality icon on their UK site & looking deeper, the UK site is either broken or inactive 🙁

    On finding your site & reading the responses –

    I tried the link & selected Denmark, just to see what was there.

    you enter your name & show the Augmented Reality symbol (ours was a giraffe) to your camera & it registers with the Site. This then takes you to another page relating to the character with a cartoon & other possible games (but I would be guessing as I do not Danish – oh humm.

    In principle it works & for an 8 year old looks entertaining – for the parent of the frustrated child – is not 🙂

    I’ll also be sending a mail to them Oliver.

    Thx for taking the time creating your posting & to the dipsticks who are elephant, poo, yolo, Chloe – please remember that young children will also be subjected to your remarks – so if you have nothing constructive to say keep your profanities to yourself.


  11. dear sir/madam
    ı visited the the given adress in the kinder surprisebut there was not such an activity.I am dissapointed.

  12. My brother just went to the doctors and he is diagnosed with something and for a present i was only able to him 16 knder eggs he wanted to go the website searched for an hour and found absoloutley noEGGS thing a load of scuffle !!!!! NEVER GETTING KINDER EGGS EVER AGAIN IN MINE AND MY BROTHERS LIFE!!!!!!!!!

  13. I bought the kinder suprise for my 5 zear old child and we could not open the site to enter the code and se what is yet to come as a suprise. My child was very disepointed and sad. This is such a scam. its so disiponinting…. 🙁

  14. I’ve just been on the 2magic site to try and scan this thing like it tells you to but it just says website under construction?

  15. hi, i would like to know how to make a complaint as my three year old has been left devastated as we came online to use ‘mixart’ and i says site under construction!!!!! kinder eggs are my sons favourite sweet and at 84p per time and about 6-7 per week i think it is disgraceful he cant use some of the toys like he should. thanks

  16. This is disappointing. They should put it back to the old website where you enter a code and you get to play games and have the old toys where they are harder to build. Atleast it wouldnt be an utter waste of money. The toys are not as good as they use to be.

    Anyone agree?????

  17. I am 5 my nan is writing this for me. Every week for the last 12 months my nan has bought me a kinder egg. I love my egg. But each time I try with my nan to get on the web site it is under construction. Please hurry up as I want to play on it. Love Mark

  18. Omg I got one today it was Barbie edition and I got a soft little lion and I got to the website and it just said “2 magic kinder” and a blank orange page. They get all kids excited then disappointed

  19. How long are they leaving this! Pretty sad kids got excited. told them about augmented reality and nothing. Now I find this blog and it’s been going on for ages! Come on Kinder GET IT SORTED

  20. march the first. today my mum whent to the shop and got me kinder supris.But i did not know what was in it. When I was finished the egg i open the suprised but i wasent rely supised the toy was just a puppy and a little basket and all it said on the pacet was pit it in the basket so i did bur it did not do any thing

  21. We managed to find a German website which allowed us to scan the code with our webcam. This let us access a game called Sprinty which was…..broken! Just did not work! My kids are really disappointed. Don’t think I’ll be buying kinder again for a long long time! Plus the toys are rubbish.

  22. I am well pissed n i ain’t even a child I have just wasted half of my life tryin to find it I am guna email em n I can’t even find the uk on it I think it’s a piss take n they cost f***n 77p #foreignf**s r****t to the English community I won’t be gettin 1 again I will be gettin a kinder bar instead or a bueno rant over piece out of to play wi my toy

    [Edit by blog author to remove offensive language]

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  24. i bought a kinder egg from premier and when i opened it up it was just a car. i didnt even have to put bits together as it was already made. so with that disappointment, i went on to the website to scan the porsche sign but it said it didnt work in this country! so i went to the portuguese language as my dad is portuguese and there was no where to scan my symbol!

  25. October 2013 and no change. Site still ‘under construction’ (well…its abandoned) and no options on it. I have a scanner on my tab which should recognise the code but it doesn’t. Even if the site isn’t available it should still recognise it and pull up some info. THESE CODES ARE NOT REGISTERED! Scam…..

  26. I just got a kinder surprise opened it and was delighted to see a picture to scan on the web although the united states did not work. why?

  27. I’m also outraged my son who is 5 cried and cried when his new kinder egg toy couldn’t work on the 2 magic site.

  28. I am so disappointed with some of the toys in the eggs. Not to mentioned we just opened one for my three year old daughter and both my husband and I can’t figure out how to use the lame toy that came with it.

  29. I had to LOL at some comments on here, especially something about stupid americans making KS eggs illegal cos they tried to eat the toy too! wtf? some of this seems to be rubbing off on us Brits too, if you really want 2 see the magic soo badly just got to the tabs for America then select Canada English or go to Oceania and Select Australia or New Zealand as believe ot or not they Actually speak English too!

    In fact you may also be pleased to know that the Australian and New Zealand flags even feature a Union insignia on their flags, fancy that!

    1. Hi Yaz,
      The idea was that this website is aimed at kids, and it should be easy to use and not a puzzle in itself. The makers of the product have a responsibility when making websites aimed at children and in my opinion this is below the standard lots of kids are used to seeing.

      I think you’re taking it too seriously really. Don’t tar everyone with the same brush and start calling people “stupid”, as you put in a comment.

  30. i have almost 100 kinder toys and I cannot scan them into the website as it does not work in the uk. I am very un happy as the old website worked fine.
    I totally agree about the toys as they are not what they used to be.
    people say to stop buying they as im to old (aged 25) but I don’t think you are ever to old for a good old kinder egg lol.
    if anyone had any idea of how I could register them to the website please let me know as I am at a loss. x

  31. I live in Canada and I got a kinder with a symbol on it, and decided to try it out to see what it did because I save all the games found in kinders for my niece to play.
    I had all the requirements for the webcam/computer, but it just would not scan. None of them would scan. I tried for over an hour, and then I tried on my niece’s computer. Still nothing. I emailed them and they replied and told me to check and see if my webcam and computer met all the requirements. -.-‘ I never did figure out what it was supposed to do.

    1. the canadian site I link to in later post only asks for the code on the slip of paper, and does not need the scanned image… I feel much better that way than allowing flash to use my webcam.jk

  32. wow its 2014 they are still printing it and putting the 2magic website in , and it still doesn’t work one very disappointed grandson and one irritated Granny .

  33. I just googled ‘2magic’ and the first link was the one from my country! Its cause google has different servers and websites associated to the country you live in! So if you live in the UK and google 2magic it should be the link or somewhere close to it! I live in Australia and it works through google but not through the web address.

    Hope this helps! 🙂

    1. Add:
      I tried with one code (FT020), but that in the end forwards me to an app for Android or apple-mobIle-OS.

      Code DC028-E leads to
      which seems not to be too bad (painting / finding differences / finding hidden images / …)

      The special series code (sieries Mickey Mouse, code MPG FT178 A) works not on, but refers to, which also does not work.

  34. I’m in New Zealand and have just purchased a kinder egg for my son, I’m having all sorts of problems just getting onto the website. I can choose a country but when I select Oceania and then NZ, it brings up a page with a link, you click that and it sends you to a page that just says ooops! The egg we bought is from the transformers range, the toy itself is not very exciting, flimsy and falls apart easily. One very disappointed 5 year old is telling me most boring toy ever. And why show a picture that indicates and holding the paper up to webcam, when it clearly doesn’t do anything?

  35. My daughter just had a barbie one she is 6 its a tiny 2 piece doll she looked at me like I was taking the mick , I also went on the magic website and it tells you to pick a country and then does not work kinder should appologise to you ruby sharn not me

  36. from argentina. And. Im in The same situation .. i have. A code with two littles bunnys in a hug.. And hay to entre in And put the code in front of The camera And this web is dont have any magic Im disapoint.

  37. It’s December 2014 and I sit here and read about the exact same thing I went through just today with two eggs. Disappointing indeed.

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