What I’ve Learnt Today (Mostly from Twitter!)

1. ‘Submarine’ got an award

Apparently the NME awards happened recently! I think I voted in them, but I can’t really remember. Either way, a film called Submarine got the best film award. It’s a film I wanted to see but never got around to it.

2. Horsegate jokes

I heard about Rebekah Brooks’ horse adventures via Twitter, so it’s only fair that I would hear some of the best jokes from Twitter as well! Here The Guardian try to get a round up of the best jokes. Look in the comments for what people have suggested.

3. BBC Three understands science?

BBC Three want to delve into the world of science with their new programme, Secrets of Everything. I didn’t think that BBC Three was a place for science and that Bang Goes the Theory on BBC One had it covered, but maybe this programme will bring it to the ‘cool kids’.


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