Is this Christmas?

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll notice that I don’t like celebrating Christmas that much!

I said to myself “I won’t celebrate Christmas until 1st December”. And here it is! But I still don’t feel Christmas-like and I think others are the same.

The radio stations are still debating whether or not to play Christmas songs and I know at Cross Rhythms that they’ve not yet started with the onslaught of seasonal music.

I personally don’t think it’s time for the Christmas music yet. Some here and there is fine but I feel sorry for those that work in large supermarkets and other shops which play Christmas music non-stop from mid-November! (A previous workplace of mine did that, but fortunately I was in the office most of the time.)

I got myself an Advent calendar and have eaten the first chocolate. There was no feeling or emotion when I ate it. All that crossed my mind was “that was a nice bit of chocolate”.

For me it will start to feel like Christmas when we sing carols at the CU’s Carol Service in a couple of weeks time and when I take the long journey back to Spalding to spend time with my family and friends.

Is this Christmas? Not yet.

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