The OMG Rebrand

At the start of the 2011 academic year, the incoming management team of Staffordshire University Students’ Union’s One Media Group (OMG) decided that it was time for a rebrand.

According to reports from students and people around the university, OMG has a ‘rebrand’ almost every two years. But this year, the team didn’t want to completely lose the brand that had already been built up.

The team’s aim for the rebrand is to make it more appealing to students. The main thrust of this will be the redesigned logo which shows more creativity, as we are a creative group on campus. The old logo didn’t reflect this.

My part in this was helping to redesign the website. I was asked at the beginning of the summer if it was possible and necessary to move the OMG website off the Staffs Union website and content management system, MSL. I suggested WordPress straight away. When the rebrand idea was announced, I immediately knew that the website could be an integral part of this.

The new website is hosted by a professional company and I am able to do what I want with it. The website is simply WordPress with a theme on it. Since the hosting being available, I’ve been able to play with it until there was something that I and the management were happy with. I’ve also worked with the Promotions team to ensure that it has the best effect possible.

One big thing that I’m excited about with moving to WordPress is that it means we can continually develop the website. Also it means that the students that are going to be using it to post articles should be familiar with it, as broadcast journalist students who post to StaffsLive use WordPress very regularly.

The theme that I’m using has some great features such as additional review information, YouTube and SoundCloud embed short codes and also built in share options.

The new website will be on and as part of the rebrand we are not using any other variations of the website address, including in our studio email address.