My 365Photo Blog

Last year I tried a 365 Voices project. That didn’t end too well.

At the beginning of this year, 1st January to be exact, my friend Christopher decided to do a 365 project with photos. A photo taken every day of the year.

I thought I’d match him and we’d make it into a little bit of a competition, so I created

Now, I’m the only one still going.

So why do a 365 photo project?

It’s not so much about taking amazing photos every day. If they are, then that’s a great thing! But overall it’s more about documenting what I’m up to and taking photos of things around me that interest me.

So far, I’ve taken some amazing shots around London, including the Olympic Park, and at least four photos of food.

But I’ve got myself a proper camera and I’m heading to Edinburgh and Dublin this month. There I hope to take some amazing photos!

Otherwise, you can expect a mix of photos of socks and my friends.

Doing that blog is probably also the reason I haven’t updated here recently, but it details most of my work experiences as well, so do take a look at the work related posts.

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