The Finished Honorary Degrees Radio Documentary!

It’s finally finished!

I’ve been working on this radio documentary for my final year project since September last year and it’s finally ready.

It’s only really come together in the past couple of weeks; I spent about three days editing together my raw interviews, sourcing my vox pops and then recording my own lines.

Recording my own lines was probably the worst, as I’m not always great at ready scripts and when I write them I tend to make grammar and spelling mistakes. I believe one 1 minute line took about 7 minutes to get!

The radio documentary is about honorary degrees, why we have them and what difference it makes to students, if any!

I posted about making the radio documentary in February, just before I interviewed Esther Rantzen and Benjamin Zephaniah.

The target broadcast would be on BBC Radio 2, in the 10:30am Saturday slot.

So here it is for you to listen to.

Any feedback would be much appreciated.

5 Replies to “The Finished Honorary Degrees Radio Documentary!”

  1. Oliver,
    Just listened to your radio commentary on Honoray Degrees. Truly excellent. First Class!!
    I really enjoyed listening to Benjamin’s comments. You come over as a true professional.
    Aim high in your future job search and career. You can go all the way to the top… Including honorary degree!

    I am very proud of you,
    Uncle Trevor.

  2. Hi Oliver,

    I am in my final year at University doing my final year project also a radio documentary!

    Well done on this documentary, I found it really original and very professional 🙂

    I have been inspired x

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