The Shirt: The Offline Chat From Your Online Content

Yesterday, I posted this on my Facebook page.

This piqued my curiosity this morning; is this a blue shirt with white stripes, or a white shirt with blue stripes?

It’s a strange thing that occurred to me whilst I was brushing my teeth.

Throughout the day, it clocked up a few comments, with some getting. likes themselves. Ben even compares it to ‘The Dress‘.

So it got a few comments. Not the best reaction I’ve had to a post.

But what was more interesting for me was the amount of comments I got at church after posting this online.

About 10 people mentioned it in conversations, all having their own opinion. It really was The Dress of the day amongst my friends.

This got me thinking about the online content that radio stations and other media post online.

It’s obviously really hard to measure offline chatter of your online content, but it is likely some good posts are also good water cooler topics.

I do it with things I’ve heard on the radio, especially with The Christian O’Connell Breakfast Show‘s daily podcast. They’ve had some great topic starters and I’ve discussed them with friends.

I think if viewers are going to engage with your social media content, they will, but I suspect many more people will also discuss it offline. Whether they contribute the content to your brand or not, is another matter!

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