Looking forward to 2012

My plans for events and happenings in 2012 started to form during the summer and at the beginning of semester one at university.

I am looking forward to 2012 as it means there are lots of things to look forward to and I hope many things will continue to develop in the year to come!

The Rebrand of OMG

In January 2012, OMG will be launching a new logo and rebranding itself. I’ve already redone the website and in January I’ll be launching a new player as a web app. Also we’ll start planning for Varsity and also a possible world record attempt.

Staffs Uni vs. Keele Varsity

Varsity is a great chance for OMG to show what we can really do. It will be a real test of the website’s ability to handle a large amount of users as well as the ability of our contributors to post great articles. It also brings challenges as to how we will broadcast from Keele and get it back to the studio.

Cre8 Radio is on air again

I was thrilled to be part of Cre8 Radio last year and this year I get the opportunity to be part of it again. I’m looking forward to being part of the team and also broadcasting on FM again. Hopefully I’ll be able to present a bit more this year and muscle in on some of the subjects broadcast.

Essex International Jamboree 2012

In October I found out that I had been accepted to be part of the EIJ radio broadcasting team. As we go towards August and the broadcast I’ll be assigned my role (hopefully presenting!), preparing show content and getting to know my fellow members of the team.

Continued work at Cross Rhythms & Staffs Union

I will start 2012 continuing to work with Cross Rhythms and Staffordshire University Students’ Union. At Cross Rhythms I will continue to work with them on their social media and also develop the website (where I can). At the Students’ Union I continue my job as Web Designer. No doubt I’ll work on Varsity integration with the OMG website and also the world record attempt (if that goes ahead!).

That’s my work and volunteering roles pretty much covered, but my continuing relationship with my girlfriend Amy is what I’m looking forward to the most! We’ve been together over a year and a half and we’ve shared some amazing experiences together and I hope that they may continue throughout 2012.

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